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The Essential Message
A letter of the Essential Turn
It is ever present in today's society of a growing ignorance to each other, life, and politics.  Within a continued state of ignorance we risk losing all freedoms and choices with which we take for granted daily.  It is in these reasons that "The Essential Turn" has begun.
The Essential Turn is a grassroots organization designed to establish an awareness of  issues, stances,and truth by which this country hinges upon.  It is my goal to install truth back into America and her members, without this installation we risk an America  whose borders are open,  absolute disregard for life, and a complete lack of American pride.   The world is ever-changing and requires attention to stay with current affairs, but without the proper knowledge a true descision cannot be made.  The power rest in your hands America, and today is your day, let us not linger one more day.
The Essential Turn is here to awaken the possibilities for the Red, White, and Blue.  We intend to enlighten and enthuse the people to take pride in this great country.
We believe in God, America, and the power of people.  As the name states America must awaken and take the essential turn.  With knowledge and understanding, compassion and an unrelentless faith we will conquer her with a sense of pride.
The Essential Letter  

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The truth that reality brings enables man to be free...