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The Essential Turn

The Essential Current Issues
The Essential Current Issues
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The Essential Message
What do you know about the Political Parties

Today is your day America, can you answer these questions.  Many can't answer these simple questions, so how about you...
1) Who are the two major party candidates?
2) What is their stance on war in general, and Afghanistan/Iraq?
3) What can each candidate offer as to leading this country? (ie. leadership roles, Education, Family Values, etc...)
4) If you've answered these questions now ask, who are my congressmen and senators?  (These are the men and women who really make a difference in America, ie. Laws, Taxes, and many other issues.)

The election process is an essential part of America.  We must guard it with our lives and nurture it with all that we have.  To vote is to be apart of the motherland, the one who gave birth to a truly democratic process.  Many have given lip service but none have followed through like those of America past and present.

The truth that reality brings enables man to be free...